1938 Pittsburgh Courier Article – “The Kappas Capped the Spotlight”

Click Here to Read Article – Kappa Christmas Party 1938

The Beta Epsilon Initiates of 1946

Click the links below to learn about two of the 1946 BE initiates:

Preston Williams – (BE 1946) Read the Saracen Klub Journal Article about the Houghton Professor of Theology and Contemporary Change Emeritus at Harvard Divinity School.

Alvin LaRue – (BE 1946) Weblink on this Tuskegee Airman

Brother Dr. Joseph P McCormck, III – BE 1966  – A story of BE’s Renaissance at Pitt!!!

Click Here to Read Saracens Klub Journal Article on Brother Joseph McCormick

Brother Walter L. Roberts – Chi 1934 (BE Charter Member)

Click Here to Read 1938 Urban League Magazine Article on BE Charter Member Walter L Roberts

Brother Ralph O. Barnett (Charter Member BE 1937)

Click here to read 1964 Pgh Post Gazette article “Inspector Fought in the Bulge – Ralph Barnett was 1st Sergeant with Gen. Patton”

Brother Michael Thomas (BE’72) – First Beta Epsilon Initiated Brother to graduate from Carnegie-Mellon University!!!

Click Link for more on Brother Thomas –Saracen Klub Journal – Mike Thomas

Happy 50th Kappaversary – Defiant Ones (2/1/69) 

Click Here to Read Brother Greer’s Saracen Klub Profile to learn more about the line that was Defiant Ones.  We celebrate 50 years in Kappa with these brothers who helped to make BE what it is today.

Marvin Greer

Dorel G. Watley

Fredrick W. Hill

Johnnie Clark (to Greer’s left)

Eric Garrison


2011 Omniscience Reunion

Click to Read Omniscience 2011 – Houston, TX Reunion Booklet

Beta Epsilon Chapter Scrollers Club of 1956


Thornton C. Smith

Read about these Brothers in the Saracen Klub Journal:

Click here for Julius Pegues (BE 1956) &

Click here for Thornton C. Smith (BE 1956) 

Brother E. Dwayne “Ironman” Cooper (BE ’70)

Saracen Klub Profile – Click here to read about Brother Dwayne Cooper aka Ironman – who began pledging BE with the Fall 1968 line – eventually crossing in Dec 1970; our esteemed BE Advisor who was the childhood friend of Brother Schatzman; a family man with a long, distinguished career and more including several pictures through the years.  As he always says – “In The Bond”!!!

Brother Michael “Black Magic” McLendon (BE ’76)

Saracen Klub Profile – Click here to read about Brother Black Magic – Mike McLendon – an Oracle of BE History & KAPSI Rituals and a stalwart in the East Central Province since his initiation into Kappa.  His life long achievements are chronicled here along with several photos that serve as key markers in his journey through Kappa and life.

Brother Henry “Hank” W. Davis, Jr (BE ’71)
Saracen Klub Profile – Click here to read about Brother Davis, a key part of BE’s transition from the 60’s renaissance to the golden age of the 70’s; Read about his life long achievements and much more including many classic photos.

Brother Major General Robert W Smith, III (BE’66)

Saracen Klub Profile – Click here to read about this Kappa Legacy, who was part of BE’s renaissance at Pitt; Read about his achievements in the military and corporate world, and much more including many classic photos.

The Russell Washington Audio Files (Interviews from Sept 2011)

Click the links below to listen as Brother Washington discuss his early life and how he helped charter the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Brother Washington migrates from Culpepper, VA to Pittsburgh, PA (4 mins)

Brother Washington enters Duquesne University and is initiated into Kappa Alpha Psi (15 mins)

The “I’m a Man” Challenge (a prelude to the Beta Epsilon 80th Reunion – 2017)

Brian Hannon 

Wayne Young

Tim Blackshear

Warren Dorsey

Darryl Washington

Abdur-Rahman Shareef

Lovelace/Jerome Duet

Jimmy Atwater

Boyd Whiten

Bill Hicks

Tony Carr

Grandville Martin

Kevin Brown (Tin Man on Sax)

Songs of the Beta Epsilon Chapter of KAPSI

The Beta Epsilon Chapter has always had a great history of singing the great songs of Kappa Alpha Psi…Some songs are sung far and wide throughout Kappa Nation…others are unique to B.E.

Click here to See, Read & Sing – The Songs of Beta Epsilon

Brother Rev. James Brown (BE’68) (pictured center, holding the diamond) – Growing up in the ‘Burg, Pledging BE at Cal State, his mission work and much more….

Click Link for more on Brother JB – Saracen Klub Journal – Rev. James Edward Brown (“JB”)

Teenie Harris Photo Archive – Pgh KAPSI in Pictures

Want to see pictures of KAPSI in Pittsburgh back in the day (circa 1940-1970) – from famous Pgh Courier Photographer Teenie Harris – See HH Holloway at Founder Blackmore’s homegoing; see several of the BE charter members and esteemed brothers like George Charlton; see the KAPSI Black & White Balls and Closed Banquets from the 40’s through 70’s; along with flicks from some of the earliest boatrides; and more…..

Click link to – Pgh KAPSI in Pictures – From the Teenie Harris Archive – Famous Pittsburgh Courier Photographer 

BE Book of Zooms (Explicit) – published by Dr Zoom – Brother Brian T Hannon (BE79)

Zoom-Galley-Galley-Galley, Zoom-Galley-Galley – Zoom-Galley-Galley-Galley, Zoom-Galley-Galley….

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

Click Link for  – BE Book_of _Zooms Explicit Lyric Version  

1972 Beta Epsilon Kappa Koronation – Photo & Story

Click link to read – 1972 Kappa Koronation

Brother’s Arthur Ashe & Leon Sullivan visit Beta Epsilon (1979) – Article by Brother Alvin K Davis

Click to read – Davis Article 

A Great Beta Epsilon Holiday Tradition….

Here is a photo from the 1974 BE Holiday Food Drive – Providing Dinners to needy Families!!!

The caption reads: “HOLIDAY GOODIES – University of Pittsburgh Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi gave Thanksgiving dinners to needy families.  They are from left to right bottom row: Samuel Yates, Lonzo green, Neal Smith, Keith Smith, Denise Hightower (Sweetheart), George Brown, Keith Webb.  Top row from left to right is: Bruce Murclaugh, Booney Smith, Randy Shumpert, Willie Moore, Mike Thomas.” – Harris Photo

Click Link to View Picture – Holiday Food Drive 1974

Here is a photo from the 1976 BE Holiday Food Drive – Providing Dinners to needy Families!!!

The caption reads: “Food Drive – The Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity at the University of Pittsburgh held its annual food drive to aid needy families during the holiday season at the Hill House last week.  In the photo, left to right, kneeling, are Howard L. Sims, Stewart E. Atwater, Ronald P. Morris, and Henry Davis.  Standing, left to right, are Wayne Martin, Boyd Whiten, Howard Griffin, Kevin A. Brown and Herbert L. Jenkins.” – Don Thomas Photo.

Click Link to View Picture – Holiday Food Drive 1976

…and The Great Beta Epsilon Holiday Tradition Continues in 2018…

Click link to view Video – Beta Epsilon Random Acts of Kindness Video 2018

Founders Day “J5” 2019
The Founders of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
Click here for the Grand Historian’s 2019 J5 tribute to the Founders!!!

Celebrating Black History Month – Feb 2019

Click here for the Individual Summaries of the Past Grand Polemarch’s of Kappa Alpha Psi (Chapter Invisible Only).

Kappa Alpha Nu Journal – April 1914

Click here to read the first edition of the Kappa Alpha Nu Journal from April 1914